Sabra Travel, Tourism& Freight Services Provides the following Services:

     -Air Freight
     -Sea Freight
     -Ground Shipping
     -Custom Clearance Services
     -Travel & Airlines Ticketing

Air Freight
we are one of the most efficient air freight companies with many years of guaranteed service. We are also air freight forwarders supplying and serving our customers all year long.
For the delivery of your valuable merchandise to any parts of this globe by issuing reliable Airlines with space confirmation and with most competitive rate and effective service, we deliver your cargo to the address given on demand (Airport to Airport, Airport to Warehouse, Airport to Home Address)

Our Air Freight services include, but not limited to:
     -Air freight services
     -Airport-to-airport service
     -Door-to-door pickup and delivery
     -Consolidation of all your freight requirements
     -Special cargo handling including temperature-controlled freight,
and oversized loads
     -Document preparation

Sea Freight
Sabra Services offers sea shipping from Lebanon to any destination on the Globe. We can handle LCL, FCL, Co-loader any such service whatever needs for exports & Imports. SABRA Services provides cargo ground transportation from and to the ports in Lebanon as well as port custom clearance.

Our delivery of shipments is quick safe. We pick & delivery by dropping at any location in Lebanon quickly. We offer very competitive price-airfreight/sea freight/clearance besides very fast clearance formalities -import/export on the other hands, Sabra Travel, Tourism & Freight Services handle regular airfreight/sea freight from almost worldwide.

The following services are provided under this section:
     -NOVCC/LCL, export and import, consolidation / forwarding.
     -Container translating and to up operation.
     -Ground transportation and ware housing.
     -Customs clearance and documentation service.
     -Equipment handling other than g p containers.
     -Marine insurance.

Ground Shipping
Sabra Travel, Tourism and Freight offer various special services to meet the needs of the most demanding shipments. We offer same day shipping, ground shipping and logistic programs.

We provide first-class transport logistics for your large shipment needs. Whether you require an expedited exclusive use vehicle, good transportation from and to ports, a driver team or a normal transit truck, our service is always available upon immediate notice.

Custom Clearance Services

Our custom clearance includes the following services:
     -Custom clearance of all types of cargo from Customs
     -Custom clearance of Air Cargo at Beirut International Airport.
     -Custom clearance of sea cargo at Beirut Ports
     -Consultancy / Export Import Clearance Services
     -Import clearing agent, provide export and import clearance services
     -Consultancy and information services on various import trade
      control acts, Import-export policy, custom classification,
      Import documentation & procedure etc

Travel & Airline Ticketing
We are proud to be offering a diverse array of travel services and a high quality customer service. Here at Sabra Services we invite you to become our client for all your leisure and business travel needs.
Our travel services include:
     -Airline ticketing
     -Visa arrangements
     -Airport Transportations
     -Vacation packages

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